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Everything has changed...

Its kind of crazy how in one day your entire life changes in a blink of an eye. June was that way for me. Max my boyfriend of a year and 2 months had broken up with me. I was completly devistated. My entire life was turned upside down. All future plans where therefor ruined. When people say dont make future plans around a boy well they are right. Especially if you are young and have no idea what is ahead of you yet. Me being only 17 and having Max as my one and truely first love. I thought my future was set. Him and I would go to IU together (college) and eventually get a apartment together and be married at 25. Yeahhh no that didnt happen at all actually my plans are completly differnt now then that. I still want to go into the same Major (Art Education) I have completly changed my love in schools. Instead of staying in my home state of Indiana I want to move 765 miles away to North Carolina to an amazing school that has everything I need and I feel is a key to my new destiny. You may think what? A destiny? Those actually exist? I feel like they do. Heres why. A month or so after Max and I broke up I went to my amazing church camp for a week (half camper/ half staff) and every year this pastor who used to live in Indiana comes home from NC and brings a bunch of awesome teens with him for a missions trip to my church camp. Well this year I have met this amazing guy named Ryland. Him and I got along sooo well and he loves the Lord like the man of my dreams should. But see he lives in NC so thats problem 1. Second problem (not terrible) is hes only a Sophmore in High School and I'm a senior.... but see this is the crazy part. When I was doing college research I did this find your perfect college and there is only 2 colleges in the entire US that fits me. 1. Is in NC and is about the same as IU here but better and bigger. 2ed choice is some place in Illinois but its almost 43,000 a year because its a private place and I'm like no thanks to much haha. Anyways so i got to looking at choice 1 and I fell in love with everything about the college then I realise i never actually looked yet where it was. It just happens to be in the same city as Ryland lives. Crazy right? So now its my dream school and I feel like theres a reason i need to go there. Like God is pushing me there because something awaits me there. And most of you are like awww then you and Ryland can be together right?? Well see as great as I think Ryland is theres one guy here at home who I cant just forget about. Jack. Hes my boyfriend now I guess you could say. The reason I say that is because Ive hid that part from my family thinking there gonna restrict my time with him if I am dating him. And see  I like Jack I really do but ever since Max hurt me....I feel like the words "I love you" are like lies from most now. Not that Jack and I have said that to each other. But when that time comes I'm afraid I wont be ready. And hes going to leave me to serve our country. this I am so proud of him for hes so amazing. But after all the hardship and being left and forgotten about i dont know how im going to handle him leaving and still try to follow what my heart says and what my destiny says. sorry ive probably already bored you so ill sign off for now goodnight! ill try and talk later (to anyone who actually ever reads this)

A blog change, a life change...

Hey anyone and everyone who may ever read anything of mine... well as you can see i havent been on very much at all in....forever it seems like... well thats because so much has happened. And it has me thinking i should try something new and try to maybe help myself and others who might be like me. What am i talking about you say? Well over the past couple of months i have learned the cause of all my problems. Not tipical teenage problems though mine include.....
1)Never Sleep at night
2) have to take naps everyday
3) no matter how much sleep i get im always tired
4) sleep just about anywhere
5) weird/ scary vivid lifelike dreams (especially with medications)

And pretty much the list is endless. Well my mom and aunt both have similiar or worst simptoms than me and also my little brother has had signs of these to. My aunt who is a highly intelligent single woman wanted to figure out what this was that has caused her so much problems ( she having it worst out of us all) it took her 5 years to convince her doctors to see what she really had. Nothing to do with stress nothing to do with hormones or anxiity it was all because of a disease called narcolepsy. If you have no idea what narcolepsy is dont worry theres only about 1% of doctors who even remember or know some about it. Its a sleeping disorder most doctors throw in the cornor and forget about. A dictonary definition of narcoplesy would be:

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes excessive sleepiness and frequent daytime sleep attacks.

The sleeping attacks it talks about it called cataplexy which pretty much paralizes you and you are "Wide awake" but your body thinks your sleeping.... so you are paralized, fall unless someone catches you, you cant talk or see, yet you can hear, feel, think, and understand all thats happening around you. Its like your trapped inside your own body. The length of time cataplexy lasts depends on many differnt things 1) if there are people panicking around you it seems to make things worse. 2) breathing (position of neck) if you cant breathe it makes it harder to come out of it 3) the rest is up to your body

As for me right now I dont have the cataplexy my aunt does tho. She explains what it is like and how she feels when it happens. Not all narcoleptics have the cataplexy but it is very common.

Another thing is that it is all highly hereditary which explains how my aunt (my moms sister) my mom, me and my brother all have it. And most likly the line of my moms side had it also. There is no cure. There are medications that make it a little easier to live with narcolepsy. But the day to day struggles of it make it hard to be the standard "normal"

Like for me a teenager with narcolepsy:
1) I must draw, write, talk, move, or something active in class or i will fall asleep when the teacher is talking. It doesnt matter if its something i love i still could fall asleep.
2) It allows me to have sleepless nights and for school I must get up early which means not much sleep
3) Every evening I need to take short naps for me to function right.
4) Homework, projects, work, friends, boyfriend, family,clubs are all hard to keep up with when you tend to sleep a lot.
5) Since class is enough to put me to sleep, tests are even worse. I am never able to concentrate or keep my mind from dreaming while taking a test.
6) Dreams and dreaming during the day can be a struggle because you can mix what you were dreaming with reality. Its like daydreaming but more lifelike and real.

Other random things i have learned: for a normal person to feel as tired as a narcoleptic does everyday they have to stay up at least 72 hours. Narcolepsy can start when puberty does. (Usually does)

Im not saying this for anyone to feel sorry for me or anything close to that nature. I feel as though since its so rare and noone seems to have a clue what it is...that maybe i can help someone else if they have are NOT alone. there are others out there who understand. People who dont have narcolepsy this may help you understand us a little more and know what to do if you meet someone like me. Please no hate but questions are totally and greatly acceptible. I dont have a horrific case of it and i thank God for that. But for the sake of people who do i think its good for others to know. From now on ill write what its like to be a teenager to grow up with this condition...and of corse there will be normal teenage stuff to.

Any questions feel free to ask me:) till next time:) byeee Ps. Ik i suck at spelling lol sorry:)

Day 11: Those days......

You know those days when you just cant wait till you turn 18? So your parents and others just cant boss you around and tell you what you can and cant do?! Yeah thats what I'm going through right now. I just want to go on a small ice cream date with Max but ohhh no since you cant do this and you havent done that your a horrible child blah blah blah! Sooo tired of hearing all this crap soooo I'm counting the days down 276 days! Oh so close! Sorry everyone just needed to rant a bit...well gotta go ill blog some more later when I cool down.

Day 10: Life is moving fast and yet its oh so exciting!

Some great news! (: Well I cant remember if I told you guys but I love art! And want to be a Middle School Art Teacher when I get older...ok? Well anyways so I decided that I wanted to do photography in the summers when I'm not teaching. Becuase photography is so important to me and I love it! (: Anyways so I've always loved to take pictures and have a bunch. People say their even jealous of Max and I's pictures together because there so cute(: haha anyways lol so one of my family friends asked if I'd take her family pictures for them. And me being me was like of corse! haha ohhh and so reciently I made my own page on fb for it to (cause i already have almost 200 albums of pictures on fb haha) so I took my friend's pictures and posted them on there....well now I have already another family booked in a few weekends and another family whos interested (: lol and tons of people have been commenting and liking (and some people I dont even know!) So I'm pretty excited!!!!

Ohhh and Relationship Update: (: Max and I are great! (: He's been in an amazing mood latley (being Max(: ) and with all this Photography stuff he's been so supportive!(: He's so amazing and every second with him just makes my life even more so amazing <3 :)

Alright well better go got some homework to get done:P lol byeeeeee:)

Day 9: Seems like Forever....."Forever is an offley long time"

Wow I've been super bad and havent writen a thing in like.....ages! Well thats probaby cause family life atm has been super stressful and not to mention I've been preparing for the SAT's and my 1st set of finals are this coming week so everything is kinda so crazy that my head feels like it could blow any secound haha but hey thats my life and I'm pretty used to that lol (:
Anyways so update about Max and I (: Well Tuesday is our 5 months <3 which to some of you it may not seem like its been anything at all...but to me its been an amazing 5 months of my life. Not to mention I know there will be many more months and hopefully years to come. Since Max has been working his crazy hours and stuff we havent had an actual date in almost a month (or hangout time outside of school) soo he came over today just to hang out and be able to chill before he had to head into work tonight. It was an amazing time and I love each and every moment of it! <3 (: (sorry gotta brag about my boyfriend sometimes(: haha) anyways so yah were both doing pretty good (:
Well there isnt much else to say/ talk about so I guess I'll talk to you guys later(:

Day 8: Reasons to live life are sometimes just little moments....

     Well as you know my homecoming week was this past week! And things didnt go exactly as plan but things were still actually really fun and it was one of the best Friday nights that I have had in a LONG time:) ok well starters for each day of homecoming week we always have a differnt theme day and you know you dress up to that theme and you earn points for your class (each year my class has actually won! :) ahhh yah class of 2014 :) haha) anyways lol so here were the themes:
     Monday: Madhatter Monday
     Tuesday: Tropical Tuesday
     Wednesday: Workout Wednesday
     Thursday: Fancy/Dress up Thursday
     Friday: EXTREAM Orange and Black (like always)
Ok so yah I'm one of those people who dress up each day (and so is Max:) lol) But the one thing that didnt go as plan was that we wernt able to take any pictures for our themes (not really time to and stuff....) And not to mention he was still not acting himself and was pretty down all the way up until Sunday night when he went to bed.....So I've been really worried about him and everything.....But today he was.....himself:), but ill tell you more about that in a minute 1st back to homcoming!:) Ok so another sucky thing was Max didnt get Friday off for homcoming but I ended up have a blast though! For our homcoming each year we always have a parade that goes around town and the floats are from differnt sports teams(high and middle schools), clubs and other things in our community that represent homcoming...ok so since I'm a club junky one of my clubs is French. (I'm in French 2 as of now) So I ended up having an awesome time on the parade with my friend Megan, and a bunch of other kids who are in French. Well after that we met up with my other good friend America and she asked Megan and I if we wanted to go get something to eat and were like sure. But the thing was America was driving, which is cool and all shes a really good driver but the thing was that my mom doesnt like me driving/riding with other teens if she doesnt know/ seen them drive before (shed like freak if she knew) so it was kinda like YOLO haha (yah that can get annoying but using it as a refernce) but I felt like an actual teenager doing teenage stuff lol you know? Ok well anyways so the 3 of us head to go get pizza and since Megan works at little Caesars (along with Susan) we went to get it from there (more because Megan's boyfriend Mitch was working until 7:30 which is when the game starts and she was gonna go get him) anyways lol so we went there got pizza said hi to Mitch and ate it out in the tiny parking lot. It was so much fun and random that people stared at us but we really didnt care! :) And then after that we really wanted Ice Cream, but then Susan called us and asked to come with so we went and got her then went to one of our local ice cream places. Totally funny when there is a bunch of old people sitting there by you and you and your friends are making random comments and perverted jokes haha so we decided to walk and talk outside with our ice creams. We each got on the subject of ex boyfriends, loves, and hot guys :) haha (girls what else right? haha) then by the time we were done we headed back over to the game were we hung out with our HUGE (well not huge cause it wasnt everybody lol) of friends (some were: Me, Susan, America, Megan,Mitch, Chase, Danimal(not his real name haha), Natt, and this new guy I met named Robert. Who I found out is super cool and actually a bit attractive lol (but Max is soooooooo much hotter;) haha) Anyways so it was just a great time hanging out and joking tons. America thought Robert was actually really hot and kinda flirted with him some lol (even though he seemed a little far away sometimes when she did...) lol anyways so it was just a great time:) and I will say it was WAY better than sitting at home doing nothing haha:)
Ok so back to the whole Max thing.....ok well so like i said he hasnt been acting himself latly....for a while now(ever since they started giving him crazy hours and never days off) so yah and since he doesnt get weekends off anymore it really upset him cause him and I cant hang out anymore than....But so today he was very close and loving (back to his old self) Before he went to class this morning he hugged me really tight 2x and wispered "I needed that" before he headed to class. Then later on he squeezed my hand when he was holding it and smiled a lot more and even kissed me before 7th (which we usually never do cause my school is SOOO strict with the PDA rule)...and its like at that moment he didnt care he just wanted to be with me:)).... so yah it was really nice:) and i had my homemade hat on that one of my friends made for me last christmas and he saw it smiled and then kissed my forehead:)))) and I had to go a differnt way after school so I wasnt able to walk with him to the buses so when we kissed goodbye its like he didnt want to stop and have to leave (and neither did I) but he was gonna miss his bus if he didnt go and I had to find my dad in parent pick-up yah today was.....magical. If today taught me anything its that even if something seems to be going wrong dont give up something good will happen soon:) ohhh and inside of the story also i was talking to him later on fb and I told him all he kisses and stuff made my day and he said he thought i deserved them and i was like why? and he said because he wasnt acting himself latly and he didnt want me to have to go through everything....but it just really made my day for him to care so much:)))) <3
but yah lol sorry if i board you to death there I just really needed to write haha:) byyeeeeeeeee :)

Day 7: Being yourself...more important than what others think.

Hello everyone.
     Wow I really need to start writing more (well in my case typing) lol but I just realized that I've already been in school for 5 weeks and have only writen 7 blogs hmmm yah i really should start writing more...( unless i suck and people tell me to shut up haha) but yah so right now I'm just being board watching my all time favorite movie "Ps. I love you" and trying to figure out what I'm going to do for my stupid Cubism painting (for my painting 2 class) which I totally love the class and all I just hate it when a teacher gives you something to paint but doesnt really explain the theme/ way of paiting and then hates it when you finish it and actually like/proud of so yah thats what I'm doing.

Update about Max and I.. well were pretty good (: Except sometimes I'm kinda worried about him...his work like works him half to death it seems sometimes (like he works everyday but 2 days a week sometimes he even works them) and he's always so tired and has a lot of homwork to do besides working (hes in a lot of honor classes (yes very smart cookie) so tons of homwork) and then at times he doesnt seem like hes in a good mood....or wanna talk to I dont know if its me....or just his job and school wearing him out....idk but sometimes it scares me you know? So yah thats whats happening. One fun thing were doing is this weeks homecomming week (: so him and I are going to dress up as the themes together and take pictures everyday (: I'm super excited and hopefully on Friday (our homcoming football game, parade,ect) is and I'm really hoping he can get off of work (he has never even asked off a day yet! and hes worked there since....July.) So I'm hoping he can then him and I can hang out and be together for awhile. But yah crossing my fingers... <3

So yah life for me is well life...things are never easy and they are always gonna have something thats hard that you have to go through but its what you make out of it and what you do with your life that makes your life suck or special. Yes people throughout your life play a big role, but only you can really make your road and follow it. God creates the paths and you are to follow them. He wont make you follow one, you choose which to follow and how your life ends up its because of your choices.....

So yah i think thats about it for today hope everyone has a great start to the week! <3

Day 6....Guys and Cookies perferct combo? I think yes!

   Well its been.....weeks since I've even written anything so I felt I really needed to write. Well schools been going okay..well as good as it can when your a Junior in high school worrying about PSATs and if your going to be accepted into your dream college for the end of next year haha :) but besides that life is pretty good right now.
       Max and I are doing very well :) this weekend were celebrating our 4 months so I'm pretty excited! :) haha and today he did the sweetest thing :) When we were waiting by his locker (me, Max and his best friend Bruce) he was like "Hes your suprise!" *smiles his cutest most adorable smile* (he told me the night before he had a suprise for me but wouldnt tell me at all what it was :) haha) so when i open the little baggie inside was this cutest little glass necklace heart the inside of the heart is a bit of color :) and its on a ribbon like coard! :) its soo cute! When i opened it he said "When I saw it, it looked like an Olive thing." :) And some of you may be yah yah yah so what your boyfriend gave you a cute gift!? Who cares? I get gifts from my boyfriend all the time or quit bragging you get cute stuff from your boyfriend :P.....but i really only said this because I was gonna tie it in with a point... :) lol This weekend (which was Labor Day) my parents said "Make no plans its family weekend" so that means no hanging out with Max for me....but he ended up hanging out with Bruce the whole weekend so he was busy with him and I was busy with my family (between biking 4 miles than hiking 6 miles) ans so we didnt have much time to talk really at all (because he also had to work...) So I was kinda down not being able to talk to him much but when he gave me the necklace and thought of me when he saw it just really made my day because that means he thought of me and everything even when he was busy and having fun with his best friend :) Also made me happy to know he isnt afraid of what his friends think since he bought it when he was with Bruce :) So yah sorry i just blabbed on and on about Max but that just really made my day :) 
      Also lately I've had a major addiction to.....Nutella :) Anyone else?? :) haha My friend's mom made me Nutella cookies and THEY.WERE.THE.BEST.COOKIES.ON.THE.EARTH! :) haha just if you love Nutella i suggest to Google it :) haha So yah thats all I can think of/about atm haha

Day 4...And Add Day 5 to: Leave the past in the past....

Well since the last couple of days have been super busy and yesterday i didnt really have much today i decided just to combine these two days lol Well school update....Im offically in all the right classes. Tomorrow will be my 1st full time in all the right classes...after.....a whole week lol sad right?? haha but lunch....yah its still sucky haha still living off of chips and water lol.
    So somethings been on my mind and i really wanna write about hope you guys dont care.... (if anyone even reads this...) So have you ever thought about your boyfriends/girlfriends ex before?? Like how much did they really like them? How much did there parents like them? And their friends? I know that it does not matter now since Max and I are together but sometimes i really sit there and think about it... always wondering if and why? I know that i should not worry about this at all but really how can i not? well what really got me thinking about this a lot today was at this thing at our school called PLC time which is when we pretty much get an hour to hang out and do whatever (school starts and hour later) while all the teachers have a meeting its actually my favorite time of school (only on thursdays) but anyways so 1 of Max's best friends Bruce, was just being funny and we were all just joking and stuff but he was all like my Max. And me just joking saying no my Max. Then he said (not super loud and note Bruce picks on me all the time so im used to it lol pretty normal) "Dont act like the last one....wait not the last one the one before that" and hes also said before "Im used to him having a new girl around..." which kinda bothers know? espcially since hes one of his best friends and he knows about his past more than i do......and his dating history is kinda iffy and ive only heard so much about it but.....still i guess the one girl Amber, he dated her most of our freshman year right? and theres this long things about how he not liking her and that she was clingy....something like that and so for the longest time i was afraid to say anything about our future cause i was afraid to be called clingy.....i didnt/ and still dont want to be that girlfriend. Cause if so im afraid he'll get annoyed and leave....but the thing is Max i know is differnt than he was then and everyone says he really does love me and i feel like he really does and i believe him. Hes the one who started talking about our future which made me feel better about it...but yah so thats whats been on my mind latley i better go now i might say more about it later...

Day 3... History is.....well History

Second day of school is SO much better than the first! The only things that need to be fixed now are my 3rd period which at this point is US History and yes which is required but that thing is I already took the class over the summer and now im stting in a class that i already took just waiting until they put me into a class that i actually havent taken yet. The other thing thats madness right now....Lunch. Most peoples favorite time of the day (mine to usually except for art classes :) ) anyways our school is divided up into 3 lunch shifts A,B,and C. (Your 5th period decides what lunch you have) well i have A lunch and it is beyond crazy! As of right now the lunch lines are all the way out of the cafiteria (and we have 4 of those!) The salad bar isnt quite better so my best friend Erica and I are left to eating chocolate muffins and drinking bottled water. Sounds like such a healthy lunch right? Well anyways thats how school was....but i think now as some of you may be wondering about the story of Max and I right? And if not feel free to just skip the next (probably long) paragraph.

Max....Max....Max....where to begin? Well at the beginning of everything i guess right? Well it was the last weekend of April and one of my best friends Susan, was having her Sweet 16 Birthday Party and the theme was Mascurade Ball. So she wanted people to dress up nice (than bring clothes to change into for bonfire later on that night. So i put on the dress i had worn for our last big school dance (like a mini prom for underclassman) Its dark blue, 1 sholder, with silver sparkles, and this cape like thing on the one arm. well anyways also since it required a mask  i made one with my artisic skills and headed over to her house being super excited to see everyone. Since i only live a road over from her i got there before to many people got there. When i got there her mom told me to just head out to the backyard where everyone was for the party. And first thing i saw as i opened up her sliding glass door was well people i knew... except one guy who i have talked to before but never really gotten to know...(could you guess?) well if you couldnt guess that would be Max (the part about knowing him kind of will come later) anyways so as my friend saw me she screamed "Olive!!" and i smiled at her noticing that he looked up when she called my name (me at the moment not thinking about it) than all of my friends who knew me that were already there greated me. Well as we were waiting on others to join most of us were just standing in a large oval circle type of thing talking. One of the main people i was talking to was Max...I remembered his name right after i heard it. Anyways me being a girl who months before this had my 8th month relationship with a guy end (another story for later)....was still single and not sure if they guy i did have a little thing for actually even care or wanted to be more than friends (also another story for later) anyways so Max this adorable cute guy who talked to me tons while at the party. He was sweet, had the cutest laugh, and a great smile i just couldnt stop wanting to talk to him. Well as the night went on I was in a small group now with just Me, Max, and 2 of my friends who both already knew Max well Mandi and Brittany. Well we were all talking and we started to get on the subjects of secrets (why i dont know) and super quietly Max said "I have a secret..." and of corse us being girls were like "What????What is it????" but he wouldnt tell. The only thing he would say is that there was a girl at the party and he kinda likes her and would love to get to know her better. A few mins later he was talking to his best friend Ben (who was dating Susan) and Mandi and Brittany were like "I think its you" and kept saying that its gotta be. Well me being me thinking theres no way in the world that this cute guy could like me at all. But i did confess to Mandi and Brittany that i did kinda like him and that i think hes very sweet. Well anyways i went to talk to Susan and a few other friends that were at the party. Well i looked over and noticed Mandi and Brittany talking to Max (they had huge smiles on there faces) so when i started to walk back over there i heard Max say "and here she comes now" and than he smiles at me and both girls look at me with huge grins. Than Brittany was like "come here Olive i have something to ask you" and as soon as were out of earshot she said "Its you! I knew it was!" Me standing there dumbfounded not really yet beleiving what i heard. Then like all girls do at times playfuly shoves me and says "Well go talk to him!" lol So we end up talking like we have been for the entire time and then as it got darker we went and sat by the bonfire Mandi was right there to and they were talking about some percentage thing (me not knowing what they heck they were talking about just stayed quite) and Mandi kept saying "I think its pretty high percentage" and Max would say "I really dont think so its probably pretty low." Then he looked at me and smiled and asked "What percentage do you think it is Olive?" And me not knowing at all what they were talking about and deciding to pick my favorite number 24 because means he'd win whatever they were talking about and its the only thing i could think of....well as i learn later its on how much percent he thinks there was a chance of my liking him back! I felt so darn stupid! But that wasnt until a bit later when i found out...but by 10 him and Ben had to leave so before he left he gave me a hug but i didnt get his phone number! (and he didnt have internet so theres no other way of my contacting him) So since i stayed at Susans house that night along with Mandi and Brittany we told Susan about everything and than Susan got a txt from Max saying "Tell Olive I'm sorry." and Im sitten there like for what? along with everyone else. So as a plan to give him my number I told Susan to give him my number and tell him to tell me myself. And than the next morning i got a text message from him saying that he was sorry for confussing the night before and that he thought i was really cute with a nice personality and he'd like to get to know me better. (Him still thinking he didnt have a chance with me ,as much as i didnt think i had with him.) Then thats when the talking began....we talked all the time after that and got to know each other really well. He also starting walking with me in school and we were already a thing but not yet official. Than one day at school right before 1st after he walked me there he told me to hold out my hang that he had something for me. So I opened my hand and he put his class ring in my hand and a cord and told me he wanted me to have it. (me never having a guy ever do this in my entire life and so taken back about how cute it was) Funny thing was we still went "official" yet but it was like a tag that said "Mine dont touch" on it and i loved it i played with the ring each day in every class...a couple days later he asked me out "officaly" as you would say and right now hes the one im talking to ask i write this very sentence and im sitting here smiling thinking about him and how much has happened since we've been together. But yup thats how Max and I met and how we got together :) Sorry that it was so long and if you read it all i thank you so much! :) So i guess tomorrow there will be more stories to tell and differnt things to talk until tomorrow.....

Day 2: New Start to the School Year...

The beginning of the school year is always well...stressful. You have to always get up super early instead of being able to sleep into noon each day then go to a school (and if yours is like mine theres over 2,000 other people which could add to the stess.)with all these people, then find your news classes and in the middle of all that hope you see your best friends and have classes together. Yup always the same each year never changing. But in between all that theres one guy....who when I see him he lights up my entire day. Tipical for a teenage girl you might say? Well than yup I'm in love with one guy and you maybe asking "And he doesnt like you back does he? Same old same old?" but actually this one guy is my amazing boyfriend...his name? Max and you maybe think man i bet shes going to go on and one about how perfect he is...and blah blah blah and hey i might but not right now maybe a differnt time when I start telling our story but right now all you have to know is that hes my guy and than yes we are perfectly happy together but things are tough to and not always easy no relationship is but we try.<3 Anyways back to school talk. Its nice to have Max there after finding out your English teachers crazy and supper strict.So strict we can even keep book bags next to us during class or water bottles. And yes today was the 1st day and we already have 2 homework assigments that require writing and thinking (not those stupid little worksheets lol) but yah pretty much today was kinda stressful but friends and Max was able to make my day so much better! So that means this school year will probably be pretty interesting and there will be lots of stuff to tell i guess ill shut up now and tell you more tomorrow

Day 1....Introduction to Life Itself

 My names Olive, yes a lot like the food, exept I dont like Olives funny isnt it? This may be something that no one in there lives ever reads, or maybe it'll become the biggest award winning book someday? No one knows. So since you dont know anything about me maybe I'll tell you a bit about myself. My name like you know is Olive, Olive Janson I'm a Junior this year and things seem to be moving so fast. College is right around the cornor and I know what I want to do with my life but things happen and you really don't know whats going to happen next. But Im getting ahead of myself. Tomorrow I'm starting my Junior year and this blog is to keep what happens throughout that year. I will tell you know I really don't know what going to happen and what I'm going to have to write about but I do know that no teenage life is easy. That I know well.....but I guess my story will start tomorrow...Are you going to read?

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Day 9: Seems like Forever....."Forever is an offley long time", posted October 7th, 2012
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Day 7: Being yourself...more important than what others think., posted September 16th, 2012
Day 6....Guys and Cookies perferct combo? I think yes!, posted September 4th, 2012
Day 4...And Add Day 5 to: Leave the past in the past...., posted August 16th, 2012
Day 3... History is.....well History, posted August 14th, 2012
Day 2: New Start to the School Year..., posted August 13th, 2012
Day 1....Introduction to Life Itself, posted August 12th, 2012

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